Ahmedabad Airports

Airport situated in the state of Gujarat is recognized for being among one of the busiest airport in the all across the state. This airport is popularly known as the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Airport. It is due to the major share of air travel through this airport that it is ranked on the eight positions among the busiest states of the country. At Ahmedabad airport approximately 150 take off throughout the day as per the Ahmedabad airport authority. It is specifically mentioned in Ahmadabad airport official website that this airport is situated approximately 8 kms from the main Railway Station of Ahmedabad. This airport covers areas of two major cities in the state of Gujarat. These cities are Ahmedabad as well as Gandhinagar. Whole of airport is stretched across the areas of 1124 acres. Ahmedabad airport address is in nearby areas of the city.

Structure Of The Airport

This airport known as Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Airport also known as Ahmedabad Airport has the facility of domestic as well as international flights through two separate terminals. This airport also has separate terminals for cargo services. At Ahmedabad airport one can witness that there are 3 separate terminals making for the perfect use of its amenities. However both of them are actually separate which requires at least 5 minutes for driving the aircraft. After renovation of this airport there would be 45 parking places, 4 aero-bridges for travelers of flights in domestic as well as international flights.

Airlines AS Per Ahmedabad Airport Authority

At Ahmedabad airport there are 9 airlines which have been operating their aircrafts to various destinations in Indian and foreign destinations. Besides there are also 7 international airlines are also functional at the airport.  As per the Ahmedabad airport official website domestic airlines are Air India, Qatar Airways, Singapore, Indian Airlines. Air India Express, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines, have been functioning from Ahmedabad airport address to and from various destinations.

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